World Cup Schedule

We will be showing every match live from our screens. Matches colored green will require a ticket to enter.

Thursday, 6/12/2014

Brazil-3 Croatia-1


Friday, 6/13/2014

Mexico-1 Cameroon-0

Spain-1 Netherlands-5

Chile-3 Australia-1


Saturday, 6/14/2014

Colombia-3 Greece-0

Uruguay-1 Costa Rica-3

England-1 Italy-2

Côte d’Ivoire-2 Japan-1


Sunday, 6/15/2014

Switzerland-2 Ecuador-1

France-3 Honduras-0

Argentina-1 vs Bosnia-Herzegovina-1


Monday, 6/16/2014

Germany-4 Portugal-0

Iran-0 Nigeria-0

Ghana-1 USA-2


Tuesday, 6/17/2014

Belgium-2 Algeria-1

Brazil-0 Mexico-0

Russia-1 Korea Republic-1


Wednesday, 6/18/2014

Australia-2 Netherlands-3

Spain-0 Chile-2

Cameroon-0 Croatia-4


Thursday,  6/19/2014

Colombia-2 Côte d’Ivoire-1

Uruguay-2 England-1

Japan-0 Greece-0


Friday, 6/20/2014

Italy-0 Costa Rica-1

Switzerland-2 France-5

Honduras-1 Ecuador-2


Saturday,  6/21/2014

Argentina-1 Iran-0

Germany-2 Ghana-2

Nigeria-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina-0


Sunday, 6/22/2014

Belgium-1 Russia-0

Korea Republic-2 Algeria-4

USA-2 Portugal-2


Monday, 6/23/2014

Netherlands-2 Chile-0

Australia vs Spain-3

Cameroon-1 Brazil-4

Croatia-1 Mexico-2


Tuesday, 6/24/2014

Italy-0 Uruguay-1

Costa Rica-0 England-0

Japan-1 Colombia-4

Greece-2 Côte d’Ivoire-1


Wednesday, 6/25/2014

Nigeria-2 Argentina-3

Bosnia-Herzegovina-3 Iran-1

Honduras-0 Switzerland-3

Ecuador-0 France-0


Thursday, 6/26/2014

USA-0 Germany-1

Portugal-2 Ghana-1

Korea Republic-0 Belgium-1

Algeria-1 Russia-1


Saturday, 6/28/2014

Brazil-1 (3)Chile-1 (2)

Columbia-2 Uruguay-0


Sunday, 6/29/14

Netherlands-2 Mexico-1

Costa Rica-1 (5) Greece-1 (3)


Monday,  6/30/2014

France-2 Nigeria-0

Germany-0 (2) Algeria-0 (1)


Tuesday,  7/1/2014

Argentina-1 Switzerland-0

Belgium-2 USA-1


Friday,  7/4/2014

France-0 Germany-1

Brazil-2 Columbia-1


Saturday,  7/5/2014

Argentina-1 Belgium-0

Netherlands-0 (4) Costa Rica-0 (3)


Tuesday,  7/8/2014

Brazil-1 Germany-7


Wednesday,  7/9/2014

Netherlands-0 (2) Argentina-0 (4)


Saturday,  7/12/2014

Brazil-0 Netherlands-3


Sunday, 7/13/2014

World Cup Finals

1:00pm Germany vs Argentina

Ticket Required for this match


Matches Requiring a purchased ticket


In order to allow loyal fans of our pub to attend  popular sport matches, we will make tickets available that may be purchased in advance of the match date.


The tickets can be purchased from our wait staff at The Fox and Hounds during business hours for $10 in cash only (no credit cards). A purchased ticket will guarantee your admission to the match and will deduct $10.00 from your food or drink tab when turned in to your server.


Tickets are first come, first serve and when they are all gone we will shut off admission to our pub. No exceptions. We may have tickets available the day of a match, but popular matches usually sell out days before.



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